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Once upon a time, there was a company that employed amazingly talented people. The company, known as The Talent Company, created incredible content. However, there was a problem. Great ideas swarmed the tall glass building; nevertheless, the talented employees filed their ideas in different places where only they knew to find them and, of course, sent countless emails that piled up day after day. Management, wanting to use the amazing content spent hours, even days, trying to reign those ideas in. Very simply, The Talent Company’s documentation control was overwhelmed and broken.

Does this story sound familiar? Does your company create incredible content only to be lost in a sea of email and hard-to-find files? If so, Microsoft SharePoint is the answer. SharePoint is exactly what the name portrays – a centralized system that allows for collaboration with distribution and security features that ensure document integrity and safety.

Microsoft SharePoint benefits/features:

  • Reduce emails (central point of communication)
  • Reduce paper use (virtual documentation)
  • Alerts (document control)
  • Specific views (only see what you need)
  • Organized (hierarchy and metadata fields)
  • Distribution control (granular to global)
  • Security (control access)

Now that you’ve decided Microsoft SharePoint is the document management system you need, let LeapFox Learning help you put it to work. At LeapFox Learning, we will professionally train your staff with the fundamentals along with the latest techniques to optimize your new tool and ensure that you start seeing benefits immediately. Call us today, and let’s get to work! (208) 898-9036.


Microsoft SharePoint Training Classes

Browse Our Microsoft SharePoint Courses

LeapFox offers world-class Microsoft SharePoint courses online and in the classroom.  Click below to see the full outlines and upcoming dates for each course.  If you need help determining the right course, contact our office at 208.898.9036.

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SharePoint Training from LeapFox

Microsoft’s SharePoint offerings have enjoyed considerable success, thanks to a combination of cloud-based and on-premises features that offer both straightforward and powerful collaboration tools to help employees maximize performance. Built on a familiar Microsoft interface and with all the functionality of traditional Microsoft productivity solutions, SharePoint is used by companies around the globe to share, manage, and organize critical data and documents.

SharePoint Server is optimized for the way organizations work. By providing people with a familiar, consistent view of information and collaboration, it’s possible to maximize productivity while minimizing IT issues. In addition, IT enjoys a comprehensive, easily managed, and integrated platform to meet the needs of their business. Microsoft SharePoint training from LeapFox will help you master all of the latest features.

LeapFox is a Microsoft Silver Partner

Discover World-Class Training

SharePoint Server training from LeapFox can help you achieve new levels of reliability and performance by delivering SharePoint classes that enhance collaboration capabilities, simplify administration, protect communications and information, and empower users while meeting their demands for greater business mobility.

Microsoft Training Courses

Live Microsoft Technical Training

LeapFox Learning offers live, instructor-led training courses.  We offer both classroom training in Meridian, Idaho, as well as Remote Live training classes, which can be taken from any location.  Our Microsoft Office courses are taught on the latest version of Office. 

Hands-on Training that Works!

Adults learn by doing.  This is why over 50% of each course incorporates hands-on learning.  Students will work on labs and projects that will help them learn by using the software.  Our curriculum is all developed in house.

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