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Certified Network Defender (CND)

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Course Overview

EC-Council has reviewed the entire CND space as designated by the Department of Defense as IAT I, II, III and IAM I, II, III as well as the NICE Framework KSA’s as they relate to cyber defense and day-to-day cyber operations. With each of these considered, they built their  exam blueprint, overall training scope, and got to work building the next certification we believe will be a game changer for cyber security professionals – Certified Network Defender. 

Course Length: 5 Days

Audience: System administrators, system engineers, firewall administrators, network managers, IT mangers, IT professionals, anyone interested in network security technologies, and managers who want to understand cyber security core principles. In addition operations personnel who need an understanding of cyber security core principles and practices.

Prerequisites: Students taking this class should be well versed in cyber security fundamentals.

What You're Going To Learn

  • Learn about various network security controls, protocols, and devices
  • Learn to determine appropriate location for IDS/IPS sensors, tuning IDS for false positives and false negatives, and configurations to harden security through IDPS technologies
  • Learn to troubleshoot their network for various problems
  • Learn to implement secure VPN implementation for their organization
  • Learn to identify various threats on organization network
  • Learn to identify various threats to wireless networks and how to mitigate them
  • Lean how to design and implement various security policies for their organizations
  • Learn to monitor and conduct signature analysis to detect various typse of attack and policy violation activities
  • Learn the importance of physical security and be able to determine and implement various physical security controls for their organizations
  • Learn to preform risk assesment, vulnerability assessment/scanning through various scanning tools and generate detailed reports on it
  • Learn to harden security of various hosts individually in the organization’s network
  • Learn to identify the critical data, choose appropriate back up method, media and technique to perform successful backup of organization data on a regular basis
  • Learn to choose appropriate firewall solution, topology, and configurations to harden security through firewall
  • Learn to provide first response to network security incident and assist IRT team and forensics investigation team in dealing with an incident

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Course Outline

1. Computer Network Defense Fundamentals

2. Network Security Threats, Vulnerabilities, and Attacks

3. Network Security Controls, Protocols, and Perimeter Appliances

4. Secure Firewall Configuration, Deployment and Management

5. Secure IDS Configuration and Management

6. Secure VPN Configuration and Management

7. Designing a Secure Network

8. Network Traffic Signatures and Analysis

9. Monitoring and Securing Network Traffic

10. Network Vulnerability Scanning

11. Monitoring and Securing Network Traffic

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