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Flex Credits

LeapFox Flex Credits work a little differently from our standard Pre-Paid Trianing Credits. Instead of each credit being for one class, these credits are for days of training. That way whether you are taking a 3-day or a 5-day course you still get the full discount. 

In addition these credits are usable on a variety of classes from MOC courses to ITIL. To ensure you get the maximum savings we have split our courses into two categories. 1 credit per day and 2 credits per day. See below for a detailed list. 

Flexible Training

LeapFox Flex-Credits can be used for everything from Microsoft to ITIL training. It can even be used to pay for private training.

Simple Pricing

We like to keep things simple.  Pricing is based on the number of credits you get, and you get increasing discounts the more credits you purchase.

Huge Savings

The best way to save with us is to pre purchase credits. You can get up to a 33% discount with LeapFox Flex-Credits!

Take your Time

Flex-Credits don’t expire for 2 years. Take all the time you need to plan out your training needs.

Tier 3

At least 30 credits

  • Save 17%
  • $3000 in Savings
  • 2-Year Expiration

Tier 2

At least 75 credits

  • Save 17%
  • $11000 in Savings
  • 2-Year Expiration

Tier 1

100+ credits

  • Save 33%
  • $20000 in savings
  • 2-Year Expiration

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