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We are LeapFox Learning formerly New Horizons Boise.
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Who We Train


The latest IT training from relevant vendors and topics.

Training for all departments from Accounting to HR.  

Use VA Education Benefits for accelerated IT certification training.

State and federal government training for all departments.  

Career Development for WIOA, Trade Act, and more.

Classroom Live
Instructor-led Training

LeapFox offers a variety of instructor-in-the-same-room training solutions.  We can teach classes onsite at your training center or at our training center in Boise, Idaho.

Remote Live
Instructor-led Training

LeapFox offers hundreds of courses via remote live. This means the class is live, and the instructor is teaching remotely.  This allows us to have high-level instructors for virtually every topic our students want to learn.    

Look Who Else is Using LeapFox

Here are a few of the hundreds of organizations that train with LeapFox:


Hear From our Customers

Everything has been helpful so far. It's given me the confidence to go home and set up my own network so it's more secure...The instructors are top notch. They explain it in a way you can understand."
CyberSecurity Analyst
"Even if you've used QuickBooks before this class was great. It was very personable, very helpful."
Tiffany W
Construction and Development
"My portfolio has increased with what I can now design. My boss is way impressed. I would recommend LeapFox Learning to every industry. I'm going to take many more courses."
Zack Donenar
Graphic Designer
"The instructors give you tips and tricks on how to do your job more efficiently, which is really amazing. I think it will easily save me 45 minutes a day."
Jorden Bender
"In particular what I liked about my instructor was the personal interaction. Being able to actually address specific areas, helped me identify areas I need to improve on."
Greg Anders
IT Engineer
“This is a really fun, fully engaging way to learn. It was nice to be able to ask specific questions and get answers that were tooled to exactly the line of work that I’m in.”
Alyssa C
Gooding Farms
"It's much easier to stay on task in a classroom setting. I felt like I learned a lot more in a shorter amount of time when I was committed to coming to a class and learning from an instructor."
Travis Palmer
“I would highly recommend the LeapFox training. There have been a variety of topics that have been very beneficial to the job that I do.”
Lola P
Lead Pricing Specialist
"The classes are on point; they help prep you for the real world and the test...the instructors really do give hands on; they are very skilled and knowledgeable.
James Donaldson
, US Army Veteran
"I've learned so much and I'm excited to get back out into the workforce... LeapFox has definitely been a blessing in my life".
QuickBooks Certification Career Training Student

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