Security+ Certification Accelerated

5-Day Boot Camp Designed to Help You Get the CompTIA Security Plus Certification.

Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge

Overview: Our 5-Day Official CompTIA Security+ Certification accelerated course  covers network security, compliance and operation security, threats and vulnerabilities as well as application, data and host security. Onsite during this course you will take the following exam:
SY0-601 Security+

Led by CompTIA Authorized Instructors, our Security+ accelerated provides a comprehensive review of IT security concepts, best practices of the Security+ exam, and LeapFox’s award-winning comprehensive exam

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What You Will Learn

Training for Individuals

Our Security+ Accelerated includes:

Certified Instructors

We utilize Certified CompTIA instructors who are Subject Matter Experts well-versed in accelerated learning and exam preparation during our boot camps.

Realistic Practice Exams

Our practice exams are constantly updated and are representative of the actual exam questions delivered during the official certification tests.

Our Certification Guarantee

Should an attendee complete our Security+ Training without passing their exam they may re-attend* the program for a period of up to 6 months free of charge. *Live class only

Study Guide

Students will receive a custom-developed study guide designed to shorten the time students need to spend to pass the exam. Students will also receive custom studying materials to further increase their chances of passing the exam.

Full Course Outline

  • Given a scenario, analyze indicators of compromise and determine the type of malware
  • Compare and contrast types of attacks
  • Explain threat actor types and attributes
  • Explain penetration testing concepts
  • Explain vulnerability scanning concepts
  • Explain the impact associated with types of vulnerabilities
  • Install and configure network components, both hardware and software-based, to support organizational security
  • Given a scenario, use appropriate software tools to assess the security posture of an organization
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot common security issues
  • Given a scenario, analyze and interpret output from security technologies
  • Given a scenario, deploy mobile devices securely
  • Given a scenario, implement secure protocols
  • Explain use cases and purpose for frameworks, best practices and secure configuration guides
  • Given a scenario, implement secure network architecture concepts
  • Given a scenario, implement secure systems design
  • Explain the importance of secure staging deployment concepts
  • Explain the security implications of embedded systems
  • Summarize secure application development and deployment concepts
  • Summarize cloud and virtualization concepts
  • Explain how resiliency and automation strategies reduce risk
  • Explain the importance of physical security controls
  • Compare and contrast identity and access management concepts
  • Given a scenario, install and configure identity and access services
  • Given a scenario, implement identity and access management controls
  • Given a scenario, differentiate common account management practices
  • Explain the importance of policies, plans and procedures related to organizational security
  • Summarize business impact analysis concepts
  • Explain risk management processes and concepts
  • Given a scenario, follow incident response procedures
  • Summarize basic concepts of forensics
  • Explain disaster recovery and continuity of operation concepts
  • Compare and contrast various types of controls
  • Given a scenario, carry out data security and privacy practices
  • Compare and contrast basic concepts of cryptography
  • Explain cryptography algorithms and their basic characteristics
  • Given a scenario, install and configure wireless security settings
  • Given a scenario, implement public key infrastructure
  • Official Training Camp Value-Add Exam Review
  • Official Security+ Certification Exam (Onsite)

Education That Supports Our Veterans

Our training programs are designed to be practical and efficient.  Our classes are typically 50% or higher in hands-on labs and projects, giving students an opportunity to learn by doing.