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PowerShell Training from LeapFox

IT personnel today spend a lot of time on repetitive tasks to accomplish various jobs. Windows PowerShell, however, provides a powerful language that can be used to write and execute scripts, which can eliminate and/or automate many necessary, yet repetitive tasks.


Although Windows PowerShell has been in the mainstream IT pro space for about 10 years now, there are still some IT professionals that still have never written a single script or simply rely on the Command Prompt.

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PowerShell is much more advanced in terms of features, capabilities, and inner workings when compared to the legacy Command Prompt. In fact, almost every under-the-hood module of Windows can be exposed by PowerShell, thus making it a useful tool for IT professionals, system administrators, and power users.

PowerShell Training from LeapFox Can Help You:

  • Automate Day-to-Day Windows Admin Tasks
  • List What Processes Are Running On Any PC
  • Administer IPS Configurations
  • Configure the Windows Firewall
  • Schedule Silent Software Upgrades
  • Stop an Unwanted Windows Service
  • Manage and View System or Application Event Logs

One of the best aspects of Windows PowerShell is its all-encompassing presence across the IT infrastructure. Windows PowerShell has its hooks in so many different technologies that learning and embracing it gives IT pros the freedom to take those skills and apply them in numerous areas including the provisioning, orchestration and management of infrastructure and applications in public and hybrid cloud environments.

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LeapFox Learning offers live, instructor-led training courses.  We offer both classroom training in Boise, Idaho as well as Remote Live training classes, which can be taken from any location.  Our Microsoft Office courses are taught on the latest version of Office. 

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Adults learn by doing.  This is why over 50% of each course incorporates hands-on learning.  Students will work on labs and projects that will help them learn by using the software.  Our curriculum is all developed in house.