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LeapFox offers world-class Microsoft Excel courses at our location in Boise as well as online.  Click below to see the full outlines and upcoming dates for each course.  If you need help determining the right course, contact our office at 208.898.9036

"The instructors give you tips and tricks on how to do your job more efficiently, which is really amazing...I think it will easily save me 45 minutes each day. "

Jordan Bender, OEC

"It's must easier to stay on task in a classroom setting. I felt like I learned a lot more in a shorter amount of time when I was committed to coming to a class and learning from an instructor.

Travis P, Webmaster

Professionals Use Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the standard spreadsheet application for both the business world and personal use, LeapFox Learning Excel training courses will help you and your employees learn how to make the best use of all it has to offer, from basic to advanced features. 

World-class Excel Training

We offer top-shelf Excel training for several versions, including 365, 2016, and 2013.  Whether you and your employees are new to Excel or are advanced users, our Excel training will cover all everyone needs to know to become Excel power users. And, of course, all Excel training classes are delivered by one of our Microsoft Certified Trainers.

Microsoft Excel Training

Excel Training that Works

Training at All Levels

LeapFox trains professionals at all levels on the basics of Microsoft Excel all the way to advanced topics on Excel like Excel VBA Programming. We offer Excel classes open to the public at our training center in Boise Idaho, online via Remote Live, private client site training classes tailored to your organization’s needs, and 1-on-1 Excel training sessions. 

Microsoft Training Courses

Live Microsoft Excel Training

LeapFox Learning offers live, instructor-led training courses.  We offer both classroom training in Boise, Idaho as well as Remove Live training classes, which can be taken from any location.  Our Microsoft Office courses are taught on the latest version of Office.

Hands On Training that Works!

Adults learn by doing.  This is why over 50% of each course incorporates hands-on learning.  Students will work on labs and projects that will help them learn by using the software.  Our curriculum is all developed in house.

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