Professional Sales Training

Sales training designed to help your sales team be more successful

Your Team will learn how to:

Sales School

Our sales students meet regularly for two hours.  We have found this to be the perfect amount of training to help sales professionals develop and sharpen their skills.  

Top-Shelf Instructors

Our instructors are top-producing sales professionals who make a living implementing the techniques they teach.  

Each Session Recorded

Each of our training sessions is recorded so you can rewind and review training on your own time.


No boring lectures.  Each training session is highly interactive.  Students learn by direct instruction, discussion, role playing, and live calls. 

What You're Going to Learn at Sales School

Below are just a few of the things you are going to learn at sales school:
  • Prospecting techniques that produce results
  • How to make cold calls with confidence
  • Getting your voicemails returned
  • Getting past the gatekeeper
  • How to be successful at trade shows and events
  • How to have lunch meetings (that produce results) with prospects and clients
  • How to recognize, communicate with, and sell to different personality DISC personality types
  • How to book appointments that stick
  • How to deal with prospects or clients who are too busy
Selling and Closing
  • How to stop chasing prospects that won’t buy from you
  • Asking the right questions to uncover opportunities
  • Overcoming objections
  • Asking for referrals
  • Dealing with upset customers or prospects
  • Finding out what the real problem is
  • How to get testimonials
  • Selling on pain and selling on gain
  • How to listen to what is (and isn’t) being said
  • Recognizing buying signs
  • Goal setting

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does the program cost?
A. Depends on the number of participants and the term of training commitment.  Click on the request information button below or call us for additional information. 

Q. Do I have to attend in Meridian, Idaho, or can I attend remotely?
A. We are set up so you can attend remotely from any location.  

Q. How do I know if I am a good fit for this training?
A. This sales program is challenging.  Our goal is to produce high-quality sales professionals who have the skills to make it in a tough and demanding profession.  You are a good fit for this program if you are willing to work hard, have fun, and attempt to master the techniques taught in class.    

Q. Will I do actual sales work in this class?
A. Yes.  The 2nd hour of each class is reserved for hands-on, real sales calls.  You will bring your lists of clients and prospects to class.  During the 2nd hour, you will be divided up into small groups where you will take turns making calls in front of your group.  This is a safe environment where participants will be pushed to become better sales professionals.  Making calls in front of others may be scary at the beginning, but this is one of the ways you will get better.  In fact, this is one of the key differences between this sales program and all others.  Many of our participants say the live calls is where they learned the most.

Q. How long is the sales program?
A. We have 26 sales training modules which are covered in the time frame of six months.  Many of our clients send their team to training on an ongoing basis because they have discovered their sales team only gets better over time when they are coached and held accountable by an industry professional.  

Q. Should sales managers attend?
A. Yes, sales managers should absolutely attend either by themselves or preferably with their sales team.  


Are you ready for a more confident and successful sales team?