Leadership Development Training

A leadership training program designed for current and future leaders and managers

Program Details

Leadership for the Individual

Leadership for the Team

Managing Processes & People

Leadership for the Organization

Half Day Workshops

Each of our courses is delivered in a half-day workshop which allows busy employees and managers to attend training without missing a beat at work.  

Class Time: 9:00 a.m. – 12 p.m., First Thursday of the month

Instructors from a Variety of Fields

  • Government
  • Fortune 500
  • International Companies
  • Small Business

Get Started Anytime

Our courses are offered on a recurring monthly rotation.  This means you can jump into the program at any point.

Available for Private Groups and Individuals

Our 12-month Leadership Development program is available for private groups.  When you book a private group, you get to:

  • Choose your topics.  Pick from our list of training topics (below) or pick your own topic based on the needs of your organization.  
  • Choose your focus.  Use our standard training outline or you can work with our instructors on customizing the courses to address specific challenges and/or opportunities at your organization.
  • Choose your time.  Select a day and time of the month for your training.  Our 12-month training is typically delivered in three-hour sessions.  However, this can be expanded or shortened according to your needs.
  • Choose your location.  We can do the training at your place, our place, remotely, or all of the above.  This is particularly helpful if you have employees working in remote locations around the state or country.  They can join the live training remotely and participate just the same as if they were in the classroom.
Pricing for private groups is based on the pricing listed above for our Meridian program with adjustments made for location, length of training sessions, etc.  Click the button below for a consultation.
Private Professional Development Training

Popular Training Topics

Topics in our Standard Program

Additional Popular Topics

See what our Students have to say

"I would highly recommend the LeapFox training. There have been a variety of topics that have been very beneficial to the job that I do."

Lola P,  Lead Pricing Specialist

"Taught me how to delegate, how to use my personality traits to relate to others...and to be able to do my job better."

James T, Senior Associate

"The instructors all come from different industries. They are team leaders, and they are passing the knowledge on to you."

Michael P, Trainer Supervisor

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