Free Training Webinars

White Papers

There are good white papers and there are bad ones. We have curated this list so you can be sure these only contain high-quality pertinent information. We have a wide range of topics included here, ranging from tips & tricks for end users using things like word and excel to advanced information security case studies. If you need a quick answer on a specific topic this is a great place to start looking.

Video Training

Similar to the On-Demand training we offer for Microsoft and EC-Council Courses, this is a great option for those who prefer to learn at their own pace. The one thing these videos lack are hands-on labs as well as the rigorous editing process that MOC On-Demand courses go through. However, for an introduction to topics it is hard to beat the thorough learning experiences these videos provide.


These are a collection of infographics that we have found useful to trainers, as well as training coordinators. Some offer shortcuts for common tasks in certain applications. Others provide statistics proving the importance of training for employee retention and effectiveness. 

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First Look Clinics

As a Microsoft Official Partner we occasionally get access to “first look clinics” that explain new versions of software. Microsoft releases these so that its customers can see the benefits of upgrading, as well as get a head start on learning the new tools. Below is a collection of all the first look clinics we currently have access to.