Councilor Resources

All students who successfully fulfill all the requirements of their program will receive a LeapFox Certificate. Some of our training programs also include Industry Certification.

At LeapFox Learning Computer Training Center a student will learn, take quizzes, and meet attendance requirements to earn a LeapFox Certificate.

Industry Certification is a way to take education to the next level. Students in the QuickBooks Certified, Certified Office Specialist, Certified Office Master, Computer Technician, and IT Network Technician programs also have the opportunity to sit for the Industry Certification exam. This is a great advantage when building a resume and applying for a job. Achieving an Industry Certification is recognized by many employers and may result in a higher wage.

However, should the student not pass the exam, it does not affect their LeapFox Certificate; they still have what they already earned. Passing the Industry Certification exam is not required to earn the LeapFox Certificate.

A LeapFox Certificate means a student has acquired skills, confidence, and success in their chosen field. Industry Certification proves a high level of competence. This can be especially important to those who lack experience and need evidence of ability. A LeapFox Certificate does not present as strongly on a resume, but when paired with relevant experience, the Industry Certification becomes less relevant.

Industry Certifications are difficult; they require extensive study and difficult exams. They take more time and effort to accomplish. Some students choose to spend their time and money in a focused manner and accomplish Industry Certification. Other students choose to spend their time and money more broadly and get exposure to a wider variety of classes. LeapFox Learning can accommodate students on either path successfully.

LeapFox Learning is a privately owned school. We have 2 classrooms; that means you won’t park a mile away or spend a lot of time looking for classes. We are small enough to care about every student and large enough to recruit the best teachers in Idaho. Our LeapFox Team believes in honesty and excellence in everything they do. There are other good schools in the Treasure Valley; however, we believe LeapFox Learning is the best!

Learning Styles

Live Instructor Led Classroom

Students attend class at LeapFox Learning with a live, in-the-same-room instructor. Classes include direct instruction and hands-on activities. Our teachers are trained in classroom management and monitor students to ensure they are succeeding in class. Teachers confirm practical application and help catch errors before frustration sets in.

Learning Lab

Students attend the Learning Lab to reinforce principals taught in class. This is a self-guided and self-paced environment. Learning Lab is the perfect opportunity for students to review, explore, practice, create, and master the material they learned in class. A live, in-the-same-room instructor is available at all times.

Mentor Lab

Students attend Mentor Lab sessions at LeapFox Learning with a live, in-the same-room mentor. Students are given daily assignments that review curriculum, extend topics, and prepare students for exams. Mentor will administer practice tests and prepare students to take the industry certification exam.

Online Live Classroom

Students attend class at LeapFox Learning or at home with a live, online instructor. Classes will include direct instruction as well as hands-on activities. Students are able to ask instructor questions and participate in discussion via chat or microphone.

Online Live Classroom allows us to offer high-level technical classes with only one or two participating students from Idaho. Classes are offered frequently, every week in most cases.

Home Study

Students who live too far to drive or have work schedules that prevent them from attending school can participate in Home Study. These courses are made up of videos, assignments, and quizzes that can be accessed via a high-speed Internet connection any time of day. Due to accountability challenges, we recommend Home Study be paired with Mentor Lab sessions.