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Cicco TelePresence Training (VTVS 1&2)

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Course Overview

This is a 5-day training program that is designed to explain implementing, supporting, and troubleshooting Cisco TelePresence video solutions.

Course Length: 5 days

Audience: Field engineers

Prerequisites: None

What You're Going To Learn

  • Define and operate Cisco TelePresence Solutions architectures and components such as Cisco TelePresence Video Communications Servers (VCSs), Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CM), Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Control Units (MCUs), and TelePresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP)
  • Configure and operate a Cisco TelePresence VCS for basic and advanced video networks
  • Enable connectivity between a Cisco TelePresence VCS and Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Configure a Cisco TelePresence MCU, Cisco TelePresence Server, and the MSE 8000 Server to work with both the Cisco VCS and Cisco Unified CM
  • Define TelePresence Interoperability Protocol (TIP) and how it is deployed in Cisco TelePresence solutions to help create an ideal user experience
  • Operate Cisco TelePresence Management Suite (TMS) and provision devices using Cisco TMS Provisioning Extension (TMSPE)
  • Demonstrate how Cisco TelePresence Content Server (TCS) interacts with other products within the Cisco TelePresence Solution

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Course Outline


• Cisco TelePresence endpoints


• Cisco video network • SIP and H.323 protocols and basic configuration of the Cisco VCS • Backing up, restoring, and upgrading the Cisco VCS • Basic configuration for SIP and Cisco Unified CM • Exploring Cisco Unified CM and Cisco VCS dial plans


• Components of Cisco VCS security • Exploring the fundamentals of subzones • Transforms and admin policy • FindMe application on the Cisco VCS • Purpose of zones on the Cisco VCS • Neighbor relations • Traversal zones • DNS and ENUM zones • Subzone bandwidth management and pipes • Call processing • Regular expressions • Security certifications and installations • Presence server on the Cisco VCS • Conference factory • Using redundancy • Troubleshooting the Cisco VCS


• Cisco TelePresence MCU • Examining basic setup • Cisco TelePresence MCU configuration • Operating the Cisco TelePresence MCU • Cisco TelePresence MCU customizations • Global conference settings • Software upgrade for the Cisco TelePresence MCU • MSE 8000 • Cisco TelePresence Server • Cisco TelePresence Interoperable Protocol (TIP) • Cisco TelePresence MCU troubleshooting


• Cisco TelePresence conductor purpose and place • Cisco TelePresence MCU preparation for deployment with the Cisco VCS and Cisco TelePresence conductor • Cisco TelePresence MCU preparation for deployment with Cisco Unified CM and Cisco TelePresence conductor • Deployment of the Cisco TelePresence Server with the Cisco TelePresence conductor • Cisco VCS preparation • Configuration of conductor with Cisco Unified CM • Review configuration of Cisco Unified CM • Troubleshooting


• Cisco TMS • Operation of Cisco TMS • Conference creation • ISDN and IP zones • User permissions • Troubleshooting Cisco TMS


• Cisco TMS provisioning extension role and documentation • Configuration of provisioning components • Deploying Cisco TMSPE for provisioning • Provisioning phone books and sending account information • Troubleshooting provisioning components


• Cisco TCS purpose and place in a video network • Configuration of Cisco TCS

9 – LABS

Lab 1-1: Endpoint Configuration 

2-1: Basic Call Control Settings for Cisco VCS and Cisco Unified CM 

2-2: Basic Call Control Settings for Cisco Unified CM

3-1: Components of Cisco VCS Security

3-2: Exploring the Fundamentals of Subzones

3-3: Pre-search, Transforms, Admin Policy, and User Policy

3-4: Neighbor Relationships and SIP Trunks

3-5: Calling Outside; Traversal Zones and DNS Zones

3-6: Bandwidth Management

3-7: Call Processing

3-8: Interworked Dialing – Transforms, Search Rules, and Regular Expressions

3-9: Conference Factory and Multiway

3-10: Logs and History 

4-1: Verify H.323 and SIP Settings for Cisco TelePresence MCU

4-2: Configuring Conferences

4-3: Cisco MCU customization

4-4: Cisco MCU Backup and MSE 8000 Options

4-5: Diagnostic Call Logs for the Cisco TelePresence MCU

5-1: Cisco TelePresence Conductor

6-1: Operation of Cisco TMS 6-2: Conference Creation

6-3: ISDN and IP Zones Lab 6-4: User Permissions Lab 6-5: Cisco TMS Troubleshooting

7-1: Configuring the Cisco VCS for Provisioning

7-2: Troubleshooting TMSPE

8-1: TCS Configurations and Recordings

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