Improving Communication through DISC Personalities Workshop

Improving Communication Through DISC Personalities Workshop

Forget the Golden Rule.  You need to treat others how THEY want to be treated (not how you want to be treated).  Understanding DISC Personality concepts has helped me in business and personal communications more than any other skill I have learned in the past 10 years.  On August 7, 9 AM – 12 Noon, my wife and I are presenting a half-day workshop at LeapFox Learning on “Improving Communication through DISC Personalities”.  Pricing is only $99, seating is limited so register today.

 What You’re Going to Learn

Here are some of the topics we are going to be covering:

  • The four personality types in the DISC Personality System.  Decisive, Influencer, Steady, Compliant. 
  • What Personality type are you?  You will receive your own DISC Personality profile in the workshop.
  • How to recognize each personality type.
  • Understanding and improving communication with others.
  • Motivating others.
  • Becoming a better manager and employee.
  • Improving family relationships.

Hands-on Workshop

This workshop is not a boring lecture.  You will learn through direct instruction, hands-on activities, and group discussion.  The training will be fast-paced, interactive, and fun.

DISC Personality Profile Included

Included in the training is your own personal DISC profile-valued at $125.  In the training you will learn how to read your profile and how to use it to better understand yourself and others.

Get Registered

Date: Aug 7
Time: 9 AM – 12 Noon
Cost $99
Seating is limited.  To register click the button below. 

Putting Together the Pieces

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