You are currently viewing Two New Veteran Post 9/11 Training Programs

Two New Veteran Post 9/11 Training Programs

Two New GI Bill Approved Training Programs

I’m pleased to announce in April of 2018 LeapFox received official approval from the VA to expand our Post 9/11 GI-bill approved career training offerings–Software Developer and Database Developer.  Starting this June Leapfox is now offering three IT Career training programs:

With the addition of the Software and Database Developer programs LeapFox now offers students training and hard skills in several exciting career fields.  

Filling the IT Gap

In Idaho 3/5 of employers report they are having difficulty finding skilled and available workers.  A skills gap is a gap between what employers need their employees to do, and what those employees can actually do.  Software Development and Data Management are reported by employers as being two of the top six IT Gap areas.

Hands on Experience, Hard Skills 

There is nothing more boring than lecture every day.  This is why our training programs are designed to incorporate as many hands-on learning activities as possible.  In our Database and Software Development programs students will literally spend hundreds of hours building applications, designing databases, and working on projects. 

Not only does this hands-on approach give students confidence, but they also gain hard skills that employers are looking for.

3-6 Months, A Welcome Relief to Many Veterans

Our Database Developer program is three months long and the Software Developer program is six months long.  This is a welcome relief to a lot of Veterans because they don’t have to spend 2-4 years in the traditional school system studying General Ed topics like math and English.  Our participants are able to laser-focus on topics related to their chosen career field.  This is an important deciding factor for a lot of our students who are busy with life and families.  

For More Information

For more information on our Post 9/11 training programs click here or or contact Freddy Arteaga 208-898-9036

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